An Indian multinational conglomerate with headquarter at Mumbai with strong presence in IT, Hospitality, Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals and Nature care.

About Aarav Group

Aarav Group at a Glance

Aarav Group was established in 2014 after our Group Chairman Shri. Nitin Tiwari and CEO Smt. Reena Tiwari laid its foundations in Mumbai. In a span of less than ten years, Aarav Group has achieved phenomenal success across sectors like IT, pharmaceuticals, construction, and hospitality. Our goal is to generate a plethora of global job opportunities in Bharat across these sectors by tapping into the market potential. It is headquartered in Mumbai with branches across Bharat and international hubs like the United States of America, United Arab Emirates, and Germany.
Aarav Group is the umbrella company of a range of multi-dimensional organizations across the IT, construction, pharma, and the hospitality sectors. We have consolidated our roots in these sectors with the rapid expansion of our companies, which include Aarav Global Products & Services Pvt. Ltd, ARNAV Global Products & Services Pvt. Ltd, ARNAV Hospitality LLP, RAN Developers and RANTOMO Lifesciences Bharat Private Limited. Under ARNAV Hospitality itself, we have two growing ventures, ARN Supermarket as well as the Blue Café to make our presence in the hospitality sector stronger than ever. RANTOMO Life Sciences Bharat Pvt. Ltd. is another promising venture launched by Aarav Group in the pharma. In addition to this, we have also launched our own NGO named “Prarambh” with an aim to provide “dignified life to all” motto.

To generate global job opportunities in India.


To become a trusted partner in the lives of every Bharatiya.

Shri. Nitin Tiwari leads as the Group Chairman of Aarav Group, which has attained tremendous success in the IT, construction, media, and the hospitality sectors. Mr. Tiwari has pioneered this group’s expansion from the front with his meticulous business planning and execution, and continues to lead our team with his ambitious vision.

In his 25-year-long diverse experience as an entrepreneur, Mr. Tiwari has gained a plethora of knowledge about the entrepreneurial aspects of all these fields, especially IT. He is an IT engineer by background and has worked with several high-profile clients during the course of his illustrious career. He has been trusted with several important projects by both private and government entities. In addition to this, he has also launched his own NGO called ‘Prarambh’, that works towards the education and upskilling of people with limited means. For his relentless efforts and impact in these fields, he has been awarded prestigious


Mrs. Reena Tiwari
CEO, Aarav Group

A descriptive paragraph that tells clients how good you are and proves that you are the best choice that they’ve made. This paragraph is also for those who are looking out for a reliable co-working space. You can use a few enticing words and flaunt your capabilities that will attract future clients and encourage them to hire you right away. List down your expertise and experience to prove you are the best.Mrs. Reena Tiwari commands the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aarav Group, and has been a principal force behind its foundation. She holds years of fruitful experience in the BFSI industry and has acquired exceptional knowledge and insight into this field, with special emphasis on the banking sector. She has closely studied this sector during the course of her academic tenure and career before eventually taking charge of this challenging position. Her leadership skills amplify the exceptional banking expertise and business acumen that she brings to the table. After years of collective hard work and perseverance, Mrs. Tiwari with her husband and Group Chairman Mr. Nitin Tiwari transformed this group from a startup to a rising conglomerate that has scaled new heights across sectors like IT and construction before eventually venturing into hospitality and pharmaceuticals.

Mrs. Reena Tiwari continues to stand firm as the guiding force of the group, which has set ambitious goals in the pharma sector in coming times.

Harshad Tendulkar
Company Director

Mr. Harshad Tendulkar carries the key position of Group Executive Director of Aarav Group. With nearly three decades of work experience, he carries a plethora of knowledge and wisdom that have been pivotal in the company’s growth. Prior to his tenure with Aarav Group, he worked with several other esteemed organisations in important managerial positions that earned him expertise in team building and human resource management, as well as over a decade of experience working in the pharma sector in finance management.

Having keenly understood the larger vision of our Group Chairman, Mr. Nitin Tiwari, Mr. Tendulkar has taken the initiative to execute his ambitious projects that will bring that vision to life. His expertise played a key role in in the group’s success amidst the fiercely competitive environment of today’s market. His leadership is reflected in the major strides that the Aarav Group has made since he took over this position.

Mr. Tendulkar’s mentoring and guidance will prove vital to the entire team in their future endeavors.

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Manohar Katale
Group Executive Director- Finance

Mr. Manohar Sonu Katale is the Group Director of Finance at Aarav Group, evolved from a position of Senior Consultant with us. He is a seasoned professional with a diverse background and a wealth of experience in finance, taxation, and consultancy. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Pune University and has further honed his expertise with a Diploma in Tax Law from Mit-Con Institute.

Mr. Manohar’s journey in the corporate world began at Shri Venkateshwar Turnkey Project Solution Pvt. Ltd, where he served as an Accountant, showcasing his meticulous attention to detail and financial acumen. From there, he ventured into partnership with a prestigious CA Firm, providing comprehensive financial consultations to clients. His career trajectory led him to SG Projects Services & Pvt. Ltd, where he excelled as a Senior Accountant, demonstrating his ability to navigate complex financial landscapes easily. Despite his corporate success, Mr. Manohar’s journey has been marked by resilience and determination. He has overcome challenges through part-time work and pursued education through night courses, showcasing his unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth.

Mr. Manohar joined Aarav Group as a Senior Consultant, bringing his extensive expertise in various domains, including Accounts, Banking, Administration, Human Resources, Taxation, Compliance, and more. He is instrumental in handling employee grievances, ensuring regulatory compliance, and managing on-site operations with finesse.

Based on extensive efforts and Inputs, Mr. Manohar has now acquired the position of Group Executive Director of Finance. A visionary leader and a self-made individual, Mr. Manohar Sonu Katale continues to inspire with his dedication, expertise, and passion for excellence.

Companies under Aarav Group

Aarav Global Products And Services Private Limited

Aarav Global is a end-to-end IT service provider that has successfully placed over 1500+ niche IT resources in prestigious institutions since its establishment in 2014.
It is the 5th largest IT services and Development partner of SBI and one of the few centrally empanelled vendor partner across all departments.

RANTOMO Life Sciences Bharat Pvt. Ltd.

RANTOMO Life Sciences Bharat Pvt. Ltd. is your trusted health partner that aims at supporting Bharat's growing needs and aspirations in the healthcare and pharma sector.
We have already launched a line of 22 medicines, including allopathy medicines, in our offering for the use of people suffering from various kinds of health problems.

R. A. N. Developers

Strong background and capabilities to Develop, Construct and Execute Large Scale Infrastructure Projects. Expertise in executing large integrated projects. Funded many projects across Mumbai, Maharashtra and Gujarat, having substantial footprint in Construction Industry. Awarded Build, Operate and Transfer contract from Government of India for Construction and Management of ~3000 mini malls in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan .

Arnav Hospitality

Arnav Hospitality LLP marks Aarav Group’s presence in the hospitality sector with an aim to tap into the vast potential of this industry. The company has launched two ambitious ventures – Blue Café and ARN Supermarket - Amenities. Retail. Nutrition.

Blue Cafe

As the ‘cafe culture’ gains pace and popularity in our country, we have launched the Blue Café chain which will cater to the hospitality needs and requirements of the masses of all ages.

ARN Super Market

ARN Supermarket, on the other hand, brings forth a chain of stores that contain a variety of goods and products that are needed on a daily basis. With the ever-growing human needs of today, these stores will fulfil the demands of people from all walks of life.



PRARAMBH, which continues to work on the ground for a dignified life for all.

In this regard, he has already launched various initiatives under ‘Prarambh’ that has reached a large number of underprivileged people.